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>I remember this! (post 160) It's probably from B12!

"You think it's Twelve again?" asks Kendra.

"Maybe," says Bina, without any confidence. "I thought she was done with us after last time."

"We'd better open it now. The last one was time sensitive in a big way and I'm not looking forward to another roof falling on my head."

"Uhh… sorry Kendra, no can do." says Amie.

"You're not allowed to read it."


irrational number:
I'm surprised Amie hasn't opened it already.

"Well I may have, you know, kinda peeked a little. Maybe, took a little look."

Bina sighs, "You've read it already?"

For real. I would have thought she'd have read it fixed in the same spot in the lobby it was handed to her, then ate all the pizza on the way here.

"Yeah!" says Amie. "It's a time letter! You think I wouldn't read it as soon as I got my hands on it? What do you take me for!?"


I just read through this whole thing over the last couple of days. Cannot express how much I've enjoyed it. Gonna be awful going through one update at a time now, but still. Keep up the good work.

Hi Fro_52! Thank you for reading. I am really glad you enjoyed yourself!

I do hope you stick around and make suggestions but I know a lot of people who find the daily updates too slow and painful, so they subscribe to the RSS feed and pop back in once a month to catch up.

That's how I read Girl Genius, 'cause one page at a time is too nerve wracking.

Wolf Strykes:
All caught up. Oh gods. I can't even remember what I was searching for when I saw the title "All Night Laundry - An Interactive Webcomic" in the results. I figured, with a title that odd… why the hey-hiya-Georgia not?
With the very first page I was intrigued.
Not sure when intrigued became "can't… stop… reading…." Pretty quickly, I think within a page or two.
Still I think I missed some sections? Where Bina controls a… naught, I think, with the unlight? Or Elizabeth is cornered by monsters? May have to go back and hunt down some of those fabled retcons!
That being said… HOOOLY CRIPES Jack-man, for over three freakin' years you've been doing this? Just considered me awed and incredibly grateful. This story is proving to be one hell of a ride - from text to art to reader interaction. THANK YOU.

Thank you! I was checking in on your comments throughout the day and smiling. You had a long day of reading, and I'm glad you caught up. Thank you!

As to your missed sections, you haven't actually missed anything (though I do recommend checking out the retcons). Elizabeth was never cornered by monsters, and the part that people are talking about when they talk about Bina and the naughts is this sequence with Bina stuck in the drain pipe.

Unfortunately a considerable amount of fan theorizing and context for various suggestions has been lost with the fall of the MSPA forums and the loss of all ancillary comments. Without that context there are suggestions in the story that don't make a lot of sense, like wolftamer9's comment on this page which seems to be causing some considerable confusion for new readers.

I just read through this comic for the first time, and I'm honestly really impressed. I love how it's developed and the potential it has. The only thing that I can't really figure out is which retcons aren't shown, but otherwise the story flows well, the characters are great, and all in all it's amazing read. Oh, and if you're wondering how long it is, at about 80 pages/hour, it's 15 hours. (funnily enough, I read it in about the same time as the story has taken :P )

Hi JDS1230! Thank you for reading! Fifteen hours. I forget how long this thing is sometimes. I hope you stick around and participate.

I really need to clarify the UI for how the retcons work. They're all there, it's just really unclear what's happening and it's confusing everyone. I have a few ideas for how I might make it more clear but, as of now, it remains a bit of a mess. Thank you for bringing this to my attention again. I will fix it. It's on my radar.