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>Bina: Grab Piyotr. Whatever weird green stuff she's looking at, she's really afraid of it, and you might wanna keep her close.

It's the light from the window.

> And who are you, Bina, that Lash wouldn't like you? Maybe she does.

She does, I think. Maybe. She keeps saying she does.

"I do."

But she doesn't understand. I'm just me. Do you see? I'm just Bina.

>I need some air. so jump out a window, it's a dream right, you won't hit the ground

I have a balcony. I don't need to jump again…

Not yet…

There. That's better…


Should be ridiculous.

Ah, merci!

Reposting my fanart for this. Back in the day.

I remember this! It is super cool, but like I decided at the start of this thing to not count resubmissions as part of the contest because I couldn't be sure I'd be able to track down everyone who submitted artwork and it wouldn't really be fair.

Still! It is very cool. Thank you again! :pleasant:

Here's my submission :D (Warning for flashing images)

(In a different reality…)


That is… woah. That is very cool. You are definitely entered.

For everyone else who was thinking of entering the draw, you have today and tomorrow left!