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"Where are you going?"

"That's confidential."

"This morning."

"God dammit Kendra!", the red-haired one's brows are furrowed and she looks like she's about to explode.

"We're in her house! Come on Bina, time we left."

Bina is scooped up off the couch, blanket and all.

"Is it you? Are you the ones doing all this?"

"Doing what?"

"All that!" says Amie waving at the window. "The storm and the brownouts."


"Yeah, I just saw on TV. There's power out all over the city, and the rain… god, nobody is going to believe me if I tell anyone about this. It sounds like a dream."

"It's not us Amie," says the taller one named Kendra. "It's sort of related though."

"Will you please stop talking now?"

"Yeah - trust me Amie, you do not want to get involved in this."


"We need to be getting on."

"Wait!" Amie calls out, not really sure why.


"Is all this… really happening?"