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I like your apartment. Even with two mad scientist mob theives trying to build what looks like very expensive sound equipment in the middle of it.

Thank you! It's a bit messy, and kinda heavy on the Ikea, but she tries!

> "That's a cricket bat you uncultured swine!"

"It's a cricket bat!"


"I said it's a cricket bat, not a baseball bat! It's English."

"Ah, I see that you are correct. Sorry. Yes. Cricket bat. Important difference."

"What are you doing in my living room!?"

>Tell the truth

"Building a time machine. Here, hand me that cable."

"Kendra! You can't just -"

"I think I can," says the tall one. "I just did."

"What the hell!? You barely told me about the time travel stuff! And that was after extensive vetting and ridiculous question games!"

"Yeah, I guess that's not really fair, huh?"

She turns to Amie.

"To be more specific, we've invaded your apartment because we're building a special time machine. One of the ones that doesn't move the machine forward in time during the jump. They're all pretty big and this was the only place I thought - "


- we might have the privacy and power necessary to assemble one. We're doing this because I'm worried if we go get help now, we won't be able to get the medicine we need before we loop again, so we have to get help in the past. Also Elizabeth here is about to vanish and possibly be eaten by monsters."

"God dangit! That's top secret information! And loop what do you mean loop? Monsters?"

"What are you two talking about?" says Amie. They're not making any sense. "Can you just - umm - go?"

"We're trying to get Bina through this time-portal which we are obviously setting up in your living room. You can watch, but please stay out of the way."

"No can do, sorry. We need to finish this. Gotta get Bina to the hospital about seven hours ago. Literally seven hours ago, but also as soon as possible. This'll only take a few minutes then we'll be out of your hair."


"Hey! What are you doing in my apartment!"


Kinda doesn't really work.

Also, Jack, in all the commotion I didn't see the typo in "appartment" in the update. Pretty sure there's only one P in apartment. There's a joke here about no pee-pee in apartments but I'm not going to be the one to make it, because I am far too mature.

Merci! And thank you for not making that joke! I admire your restraint.