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"So you can't fix them?"

I'd imagine it's built in such a way that you can't see the inside bits without breaking something

"No - I mean, I'm not sure. I - I can't get inside them to see what's wrong. I thought maybe I could go through underneath, but there's components wired into bottom of the case. I - christ."

"Maybe you could build another one?"

"Bina - I told you. These things are enormous entropy sinks. Aside from the Moment itself, these were the most expensive thing any of you ever made. We could go and smash a hundred new holes in time and not even come close to amount of entropy that went into these things. You only ever built two: One to look forward, and one to look back."


"Hmm… thinking of that. Total entropy remaining. I bet we could figure that out. Find out exactly how much power we've got left before the whole thing comes down. I think, I think yeah, I think Six wrote something about that but never actually did it. The math is funny, it's some kind of hyperplane manifold, but we might be able to -

"Kendra, I-" Bina breaks into Kendra's enthusiasm, and immediately feels like an asshole doing it.

"Right, I forgot" says Kendra. "You don't want to know."

"Wait - Kendra. I'm sorry! I-"

"Go measure the Nothing. I'll make breakfast."