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there's like no way that kendra hasn't noticed that you blush like almost every time you look at her.

Oh god, did she just stutter? OH GOD SHE JUST STUTTERED!

"Soooo - these last few minutes. We haven't exactly been whispering."


Kendra points toward the window.

There is a stillness to Piotyr as she stares at them. Bina has seen normal dogs do something similar. They get eye-contact and then just sort of stare at you, waiting. She's always felt inadequate in those strange moments of contact, unable to give the answer that they're looking for.

But this is no normal dog, and Bina is pretty sure that nobody could ever find a way to answer this strange regard. She's not even sure if it's the same thing, there is a coiled feeling, the stillness starting to turn into that familiar frantic stutter-stop motion.

She blinks, and the window explodes inwards.