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"So you're aware that the crazy Thor crap you just pulled was pretty bonkers, right? You could have just walked out! You should have just walked out."

"Says the girl who, literally minutes before, was playing matador with a dog the size of a minivan."

OK, she's got a point there.

"Besides, I totally saved your ass just now."

"I would have handled it!"

> Island: continue righting yourself.

"Suuure you would have."

"Whatever," says Bina, "We should get out of here."

"Yeah, this place is creeptastic."

> Check the local pool

Let's just hope the water's still in that pool.

"I just hope there's still water's in the pool."

From what I understand, the islands are representations of the holes in space-time, as decided by Bina.

Which means Kendra might being seeing things differently.

"Water? What water?"

"Oh, uh, Kendra. What are you seeing right now?"