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So all she has to do is to expect to see something different when she opens her eyes.


Super easy.

Just change your expectations.

People do that every day.

Admittedly, most people don't do it.

Most people expect the exact same impossible things from the world, and from other people, all the time.

>Instincts: Be trusted??

But some people do.


Some people must.

So she just needs to see something else.

So she opens her eyes.

And realizes that it didn't work.

Everything is still the same black nothingness.

Piotyr growls at her and flails her claws through the air.

>See if maybe you can change the direction you're falling in, like sky diving. That way you can possibly make as much distance both spatially and in the time-line between you and Not-Pyotir.

Bina feels sorry for Piotyr, it's not her fault that all this has happened to her. It not even her fault that this particular part of her ended up as the evil-possessed-corpse part, and not the colourless dream-invading fluffy part.

Still, she has no particular desire to get mauled so she angles her body to the side a bit, to gain some distance.

Welp, you're screwed.

No! She isn't!

She just did it wrong the first time.

And OK, she's falling at terminal velocity into an unknowable void, but that's all right.

She's OK.

She can do it.

She can.

She just needs… a model.

Something more structured then 'what I'm seeing now isn't useful, show me something else.'

She closes her eyes again.

Something more structured.

Something better, a more useful lie.