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>Actually, I think a drink of the sap would be good right now? They give you cookies and juice when you give blood, so I think the sugar is good to get the blood reserves back up

She doesn't want to eat the beet OR drink the thick juice, but in a toss up between a disgusting bucket full of possibly rotten syrup and a weird beet, the weird beet wins. Barely.

Still… all right, if she can't find anything in the gate-house she'll eat one of the things available to her.


>Get into the gatehouse. Now.

> Just exit this area. Preferably quickly.

All right, all right! She's going.

On her way to the gate house door she looks through the gate.

And stops.

Well… at least they're not going to run out of beets anytime soon.

That is a lot of beets.

Bina can smell the piles of sugar-beet from here. A thick, sour odour, faintly sweet.

They're not in the right place. She can see a doorway in the building across the street, drowned in beets. The largest piles are on a lawn. The big pile closest to her is almost in the road. Some of them have tumbled down the pile and ARE in the road.

It looks like they were dumped haphazardly, wherever there was space.

She is pretty sure that all those beets should be in here, in this courtyard, but they're not.

As she looks, she realizes that something else is off about the mounds of tubers. It takes her a few moments to pinpoint what it is, but when she figures it out, a chill shivers its way down her spine.

The piles of beets are completely still.

No birds. No flies. No signs of life.

With so much sweetness sitting out in the sun there SHOULD be flies.

But there is no buzz, no hum, no sounds at all, save for the thin whistle of the wind through the gaps in the gate.

The sense of wrongness about this place deepens.

Even the flies are scared away.

> Every nerve of your body should be telling you to get out of there right now!

They are.

Leaving sounds like a REALLY good plan.

> Break that door-glass so that we might be able to leave this place already.

Would it be silly to ask if you could somehow punch the glass door and make your way inside the gatehouse?

Bina quickly climbs the steps up to the door. It's ornate for a factory, with frosted glass set into a lead frame.

She's pretty sure she could knock out one of the lower panes of glass, but she doesn't want to use her hand. If she cuts her left hand, well, then she'll be REALLY screwed.

Maybe she could use her elbow? No, she might cut that too.

She guesses she could go back and grab the bucket, but it was big, and ungainly, and would be awkward to use with only one hand.

Dang it!

Err… she might be able to pry up one of the cobbles from the floor. They're uneven enough that if she worked her fingers into the…

Or, y'know, just see if the door is unlocked.

Right… forgot that.

- or wait.

It could just…

… not be locked.

That could also be a thing.