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"There's no need to be sarcastic."

"Sure, sorry, but when we use the time machine we're still going to have to walk."


"The book talks a lot about aiming temporal trajectories, but not a whole lot about regular old trajectories."

It takes a few seconds for Bina to catch up with that sentence. "You don't know where we're going to land?"

"When? Yes, we just aim for a weak spot. Assuming it doesn't, you know, explode, I'm pretty sure I can get us to the right time. The right spot? Not so much."

"Oh." This is bad. "Good."

"We're going to have to walk to wherever the Moment is, and I thought you should get as much rest as you could before we uh… try to do that whole thing."

> Do you have anything more, and hopefully closer, that could block the door?

"Do we have anything else to block this door with? I don't think I can really - "


"It's mostly OK. I think we're good."

>Well, you're conscious now. It's time to time travel.

"So, time machine time?"

"Time machine time."