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> Pshh, it obviously represents Piotyr's twin fates. Come ON, it's not that cryptic.

This whole thing is probably some kind of symbolic shenanigans.

Iiiii'm sure it'll work itself out.

> Don't care, pet Piotyr.

C'mere you little dog!

Come here! Stop wiggling!

"Jeepers, what have you been eating girl? You're heeeeavy!"

Having ensured that the dog isn't going to vanish on me again. I look around.

There isn't anyone else on the plane.

Not even Mr. Haddad from earlier.

No sounds of the engine either. No wind, or turbulence, or hydraulics in the wings.

The cabin is still and silent and empty.

In my memory, this place is a chaotic over-saturated nightmare, splashed with adrenaline, shame, and the smell of vomit.

But now, it's like a small and perfect thing. A chess set, maybe, or a drawer of cutlery, with all the knives and forks in their proper places. Everything lined up and neat.

The only sound is my own heartbeat, and Piotyr's slightly wheezing breath in my ear.

It's more then a little unnerving.

"OK puppy," I say, my voice sounding overly loud in my own ears, "Lets go find out if anyone is actually driving this thing, huh? That'll be fun!"