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>Just get out of there!

No! She can do this!

>Tug at the chain with your entire body weight, roll under the shutter door and let go.

She leaps onto the chain, putting her whole weight on her bruised fingers. It hurts, a lot, but she keeps going.

Come on!

Come on!

If this doesn't work she's not going to be able to get away from him. She's exhausted. She's done.

It isn't working! She's just hanging here like an idiot!

This is stupid! What did she expect to happen? She's too small! Tiny! Always tiny, her whole life! Never good enou -

There's a ping, and a lurch, and the door jerks upward for a second as the chain slips down under Bina's weight.

As she splashes back into the mud she just manages to hang onto the chain.

Something in the mechanism must have snapped because she finds herself barely able to hold up what feels like several hundred pounds of door while Horatio slithers toward her like an alligator through the mud.

If she lets go of the chain now, that door is going to snap shut like a steel trap, with her on the wrong side of it.