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"Like… what?"

hmm some crazy stuff…

I got it.

> Collapse the tower.

>Build a boat or raft and sail on the mud, heck build an entire navy.

>Stab Kendra in the hand with the time shard.

Read the journal, but read it backwards.

Become friends with the Naughts.

Make out with Gregor.

Shout from the rooftops.

Decide to live here at the gas station, forever.

Call the cops.


"Uh… good question!" says Kendra, finally releasing Bina's chin (which is a good thing, really).

"I hadn't really thought that far ahead. I don't think we can stay here for long."

"No, we really can't. I think the Naughts can… I dunno. I think I - I think they can sort of smell me. Or, well, not really me, whatever is wrong with my arm."

"Really? That is not good news."

"Yeah. I'm pretty sure I'm emitting something, like a kind of radiation. It does funny things to screens, and makes light emitted nearby green, but it's not visible with my hand covered -

"Usually not visible. It didn't seem to care much about your suit after we jumped from the Gondola."

"Yeah! I'm still not entirely sure what happened there, but I think I'm just going to blame Her Greenness because of historical precedent."

"That seems like a reasonable assumption."

"Do we have any water left?"

"About half a bottle," says Kendra, "You drink it, I had some when I got here. And there's still some of these horrible pumpkin seeds."

"Oh good!"

> Read the journal?? That'd be SO NUTS.

I think every suggestion I'm going to make is going to be some form of "read the journal" until we actually have read it.

> I don't think I can stress this enough. READ THE JOURNAL. No matter how unpredictable you get, it could all be ineffectual if you don't know what you're trying to stop.

"OK, while you figure out what we do next."

"I have some reading to do."


Suggestions should describe how Bina should read the journal. It's far too long to read all of it in the time they have, so she'll need to prioritize. Should she start at the beginning? The end? Should she jump around or read a big chunk?

Additional suggestions for Kendra's big plan are also welcome.

I think I might reread this tomorrow.

Oh man, it's a long read. If you actually did this, tell me. That's impressive.