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"Nope, Gregor seemed not to be taking his Creepy Abductor duties very seriously last night."

Bina says no, she… no. The man, Gregor, he said he had to get some… laundry supplies? Bina is having trouble remembering that conversation.

Dryer sheets! That was it!

But did he take her into through the hole, insists the man.

> "No, actually. Put on a coat and left me alone in the laundromat. Told me to stay put."

No. Bina explains that he never touched her. He just put on his coat and left. He told her to stay put and to NOT go into the basement. Not to go anywhere "employees only".

Mrs. Hyung asks her, how the heck did she get here then? If she never went into the basement, how did she get to this place?

Bina explains that there was a sort of a huge dog… skeleton… thing… insect. It came out of one of the washing machines. It had something in its mouth.

When she looked at it… she was suddenly here.

Green snakes. Green snakes in its mouth.

Green snakes like she saw when she was looking at the TV over there. That's probably not a coincidence.

Huge dog, the man asks, what you mean by 'huge dog'?