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> Bina, do him the favor of translating what she said.

>Bina: numbly translate for Gregor. "[size=10]She said you're a monster…[/size]"

"She said you're a monster."

"Hmm? Ooooh. Yes. I know this thing."

"Why did you do it!? Why!?"

Is that a protective hero-hug I see? Kendra, you may want to keep a tight grasp on that wildcat, because once she snaps from grief to rage Gregor is in for a world of pain.

"She never did anything to you! You asshole! You didn't need to do that!"

"But if I am not doing this thing, she is throwing the button-box down the hole, yes? And then it is breaking the wire, you see? Then she is running and screaming and I am have to chase her all over the place. Is very tiring. This way is better."

"You killed her because you're tired?"

"Ah, well… it sounds pretty bad when you say it like that."

"Is long day though, you know? And the science man. He is big. Very heavy. I must use much plastic. But mostly it is… when I am to chase her I… what is word? I am… compound? No, this is not it. I break her? Is not right word, but you know what I am saying. I break her very much. In legs. You see? Much pain. Is messy. This way, not so much. Bop, she is dead. No worries. No mess. Better this way."


^ Seconding that.

EDIT: dammit

I just have to say, I laughed at this. Sometimes the internet is cruel.