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Noooooo… She was supposed to be a new party member! A NEW PARTY MEMBER!


"Bina don't!"

>Bina: Green light, go! Things can't get worse, who knows, she may fall through a reality crack to safety! Or start floating! Crazier things have happened.

This certainly looks like one of those situations where the main character would learn to control their power for the first time doesn't it?

I'm holding out for Bina pulling another Sissel and saving her too… Hopefully.

> Do the light-y thing!

"But I - I'll use the light! I'll -

"Bina, it's too late."

"But -

"She's gone. Stop or you'll have us both over the side!"

From far away, barely audible over the rain, is a soft wet thud.

"But she - she just - and I couldn't, I -


"Hey you! You're a monster!"

"You know that, right? You are a monster!"


His voice is mild. Disinterested.

"I am sorry," he says in English, "My french, it is… not so good."


Thanks for all the kind words everyone!