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> Smell ALL the smells! All of them!

I do! There are so many smells!

This place is the best! There is so much digging and smells!

There are LOTS of smells. The people all smell like sweat, and coffee, and working and doing-ness. And the big-roaring-machine-monsters smell like fire and oil and plastic and windshield-wipe-fluid, and tar.

And the DIRT!

SO. MUCH. DIRT! All different kinds.

And everyone is digging.


I dig too, a little, to help and also because I am very excited and ALSO because I love DIRT!

I am good at digging! All the dirt smell goes everywhere!

"Ok! I am coming down slope now! Do not go running off now like you are before, ok? I think small fierce lady is not happy with us, yes? We are distract workers."