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>So, did you ever figure out why the buildings were so weird? Why were they just plopped down in the middle of nowhere?

No, I didn't even look it up. Considering how the whole ordeal turned out, Sam and I agreed never to speak of it again.

Of course, Sam was now in the middle of ruining that agreement, but I had been trying to forget it.

It was embarassing. We'd gotten so scared by the police that we'd both made fools of ourselves. I am expecting Sam to downplay her own screams and running and emphasize my own. She'd been successful at least, she got away. I was the one who ended up getting arrested.

I wasn't looking forward to Lash hearing about that.


"Did you hear that?"

I had heard the voices again.

"No," said Sam, dropping the ledger, "There's nobody here. You're probably hearing a bat or something. You're not scared of bats are you?"

"There aren't any bats. There isn't any anything in here except us. That's really weird."

"Precisely! So there can't be any voices."

Sam was entirely wrong about this.

"Lets go find the oven," said Sam, "It'll probably be upstairs, on the first floor."

"I guess."

"I wanna stick my head in it," said Sam, starting to walk down the hallway, "You gotta take the picture. When I do. It'll be awesome. Nobody will believe it."

"OK," I said. Maybe if we got the pictures then we could leave.

"Come on Bina! Don't be a wuss!" said Sam, recognizing my lack of interest at last, "There's nothing there."

"I know." I said. But still… I was sure I'd heard something. Two voices. They'd sounded like they were having an argument.

>Obviously move your flashlight a little to the left to see the crazy killer standing there.

So I swung the beam of my flashlight towards where the sounds had been coming from.

But of course, there was nothing there.

"Right," I said, turning to follow Sam. "Nothing there. Lets go."

"See? I told you."