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Hi I'm Bina!

Uh, I think we've met before, right?

> Dream of doggies.

> What is Piotyr doing now?

She's just sort of hanging out.

She's lying on her side now doing that sort of gargly snorty panting thing that dogs do when they're happy. I fed her some birthday cake earlier so she's sort of in a sugar-coma.

Yes! I'm talking about you! Who's a good girl? Who's a good girl!

Piotyr would like you to know that it is she! She is the good girl! That is who it is! She is always a good girl!

Awww… she's such a goof!

>Hey Bina! How are you I like your hair, it looks super cute!


I don't know if I like it this way though. I normally just wear it down, or sometimes braided if I'm playing hockey or running or something.

But Lash loves messing with people's hair, and it's her birthday so I let her do this while we were watching the movie earlier.

I dunno. You don't think it's too, sorta, kiddie, do you?

> So what's subconsciously bugging you?

Nothing really.

OK OK! Fine! I mean, I don't really think we should be doing this maybe.

I know Laashya's parents aren't going to be home for three hours, so it's not like we're going to get caught, but… well… I dunno.

Sam says it's ok, and Lash went along with it, so I guess it's ok.

They never do find out about it, but I still wish we hadn't.


Next time do "The end"
"For real"
"Of Chapter 6". That would get quite a few more than one.

Oh ho! That would be SO MEAN. I don't think I could do that, that would just be cruel.

This was a fantastically positive review! It totally made my day.