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>Quietly ask Kendra if she has anything you can dispose of the blood with. I bet it's starting to get pretty icky in your mouth.

"Is there anything for my tooth? It's kind of bleeding a lot."

"I don't think there's anything… I guess maybe ones of these coats - dang. I know this room pretty well, what with the thinking I was going to die in here. Hmm…. Oh! These will do."

Kendra moves away from Bina for a second.

"Here. Box of kleenex. It wasn't here last time. I guess because we're using it now? God, this time stuff is really weird. Do you think it will work? It's not proper medical gauze but - "

"No, no, it's fine."

Bina shoves some of the tissues into her mouth. Not medical gauss, maybe, but at least they're not covered in tunnel guck.

In only moments the first ones she put in are soaked through with blood. God, how much blood has she lost tonight? Her heart is beating very fast. It makes her think of a little bird beating its wings against a cage.

Eurgh. Bina grimaces, she's getting poetic.

Kendra, who is almost vibrating with a combination of embarrassment and anxiety asks, "So what now? Are we safe here?"



I plan on starting a long line of ALL NIGHT LAUNDRY GIFT CARDS!

… i have no real intention of doing such things as making gift cards :duhjohn:

Thank you Alcastar! That is sort of creepy, but also very nice of you.

Nnnnnnnrrrrgh! I hate being sick! I wrote up a big long update then completely ran out of energy after doing the first panel. Whatever this is, it comes with big buckets of fatigue.

My doctor says that they're faaairly sure that it's either strep or mono. We'll know in a few days if the antibiotics start working.