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Kendra can see that too? Interesting. Does that mean she can join you on time shenanegians?

"Wait. You can see that too?"

"The black… glowy… stuff?"

"You can! Yes! Not hallucinating. Go Bina!"

"What is it?"

"That's… um. Some sort of time nonsense. I think. I don't think it's dangerous exactly, but I'm pretty sure that if I touch it something complicated is going to happen."

"Then how about not touching it? You can slip by behind it."

"I probably could, but argh." Bina groans, "I don't want too. That would be like leaving a loaded gun pointed at the back of your head. I mean, yes, it's probably not going to go off all on it's own but, well… it's not a good idea. There is a chance it will blow your head off. My head off. Whatever."

"So what happens if I touch it? Just tip it over. It's probably reacting to your spooky arm mojo right? I don't have spooky arm mojo, so I should be safe."

"I have no idea! I'm just guessing about all of this. I bet Josephine would have some answers, or B12, but neither of them are here."

"B12?" Kendra appears confused. Dang, Bina hasn't gotten that far in the story yet.

"I'll explain about her later, but it doesn't change the fact that I have no idea what that dark pulsing stuff means. It was on the dog the first time I saw it, but not the second time when it was dead, or the third time, with you in the basement. Before that, it was around a piece of machinery. Then it was oh… on a lot of blood. Each time I saw it, I went back in time."

She pauses, "OK, I'm not entirely sure about the loader. That was just for a second, but I think I went back in time there too. I remember a blue sky."

Kendra thinks for a few seconds, then says, "Was it around the door to the fat lady's office? That was some kind of time travel too, right? You said that you went back in time -again- when you went inside."

Bina tries to remember. "I don't think I saw any there. See? I don't know what it is at all! I've was thinking that maybe the black stuff showed when there was some kind of a doorway or passage through time, right? But that doesn't make any sense because I didn't see it in Josephine's office. No dark space. No falling. Just… 'click!' and I was there."

It's probably reacting to your hand. Back the hell away from it. Let Kendra splash mud on the screen or move it out of the way or something. This is something you should avoid dealing with yourself.

"Look, I'm going to push it over ok?"

Bina, who had been edging backward from the darkly pulsing television, watches in horror as Kendra walks right up too it.

"Err… maybe that's not such a -

"What's the worst that can I happen? I go back in time right? Then I come right back."

"Well that, or you turn into a fish, or your atoms are all scattered across the entire universe, or maybe y-

"Look, it's like science. A test. If I can touch it and nothing happens, we know it's something to do with your spooky glowing arm. If I go woosh, back in time, then we know it's something else."

Bina is not sure that this is the best idea.