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>Suzy Hayworth cried because a B wasn't good enough to pass her grade, she wasn't doing to well and that B was her best. She needed an A to pass

It wasn't that, but later, in highschool, we kinda became friends and I found out that her parents were in the middle of getting not-married-anymore, and her whole life was a mess, and I felt kinda bad about all that.

But at the time, it helped.

She still cried a lot though, even in high-school, but just at sappy movies.

>Smartest thing to do would be to just call your mom. Your uncle is going to be judgemental about you running away either way.

I didn't run away!

I didn't!

It doesn't COUNT as running away if you don't expect to get out of the house without being caught. Or down the block. Or through the park!

I kept thinking that someone would come and make me stop!

I thought people would come after me.

I wanted…

It doesn't matter!

This is a good, reasonable, grown-up sort of plan, Bina. I'm proud of you. Go get your money exchanged, hire a rickshaw, and get yourself home like it's no big deal.


I'm going to go do my grown-up plan and I'm going to get home on my OWN and if anyone gets mad at me I'll tell them I was just taking a walk. That's what people do.

Sometimes they take walks!