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Please, please get that looked at by a professional. Seriously, it's creepy. You know something's really creepy when the girl who picks up cockroaches says so. It could hurt you, Bina, and I suspect it already has.

I'd go to a doctor if I could but I don't think there ARE doctors for glowing time travel worms who live inside people.

>Why are there worms in your arm and what would happen if they came out?

I got them when the botfly tried to eat me. You were there. You saw.

None of that has happened yet, but the worms are here anyway.

Have always been here.

They're not REALLY worms. Not really. They just sorta look like them. I think they're something else.

Oh god oh god oh god, avoid unprepared image searches of botflies late at night. Oh god.

>Oh no, is that why you missed the funeral? And why Uncle Moti is mad at your mom?


We were s'posed to be here a day and a half ago but we only got here this morning.

Uncle Moti isn't really mad I think. He's just sad. Mom's sad too. So's Dad, and he's sad for Mom, which is like DOUBLE SAD.

Everyone else is sad too. All my cousins. And my aunts, and everyone!

Everyone's just sitting in Uncle Moti's house being sad.

It made me so MAD!

Jeeze. My feet are hurting. I think I've got a blister.

I should be happy. This is where I sit down and rest for a few minutes.

But I'm not, because this next bit…

It's pretty awful.


199 days I've been doing this today. 200 tomorrow. Not sure how I feel about that to be honest.