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"On the wall," I explained. "Six asked what happened to Five, and you said that Piotyr had been killed days before we went to the laundromat. How did you figure that out?"

She frowned at me, clearly confused.

"No I didn't," she said, looking confused, and completely sincere.

"You didn't?"

"No, I remember the question - but nobody answered it. I definitely didn't. I think I'd remember doing that."

"You didn't write the message?"


It had been my handwriting, all of the writing on the wall had been mine, but what does that prove? There's tons of other me's who could have written the message - and Nine has no reason to lie to me now.

So that leaves… who? Eight or Ten could have done it - but why not mention it when I talked to them? Why do it in the first place?

That basically leaves me, Thirteen, in the future… and Three.

It could have been Three.