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Anonymous Person:
Can we get a proper look at chibi 7's face? Especially that eyepatch.

What eyepatch?

This one…

Emmie said that I had to wear it for a day or so because of the cut. I asked why I couldn't just use a band-aid, and he said no dice. With my immune system like that he absolutely didn't want to risk infection and, well, he's the doctor so yay…

It wasn't that bad, I mean - my eye had swelled up so much by that point I couldn't really see out of it anyway.

Now all I need is a parrot and I can be a true time pirate! Yarr!

(See Kendra? I can see the silver linings!)

Are there time pirates in Doctor Who? I'm going to ask Amie…

She says Space Pirates, yes, Time Pirates only tangentially. I would have asked what she meant by that but she had that gleam in her eye that told me I should probably retreat with the information I had before the floodgates opened.

Who needs binocular vision anyways!? Not 1/13th of this girl!


Sorry AP! We'll see Chibi!Seven tomorrow. : )