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Anna nee Mousse:
> Kendra: get a word in edgewise

Unfortunately, Kendra wasn't with me. I'd left my copy of the Moment with her, and let Six drag me in there.

Austin Coté Williams:
Why is the shrubbery in the background trimmed to look like a man with a giant baguette on his back?

Ah, that.

That was, apparently, a man portaging a canoe… made entirely of living plants.

It was impressive, but also super weird.

Six was really into it though. She told me that she liked to hang out in the Botanical Gardens, said they help her think. Plant sculptures, like the canoe guy, were all over the place, as well as a whole lot of plants I've never heard of before. My favorite were the horse sculptures, which were enormous, but Six said she liked the canoe-guy. She said he always seemed like he knew where he was going.

The sculptures were the reason I let her convince me to go with her in the first place.

"Green Ladies?" she'd said, when I asked her about Gregor. "Oh, I see them all the time."


danny in canada:
I think this Bina might be living out of the Montreal Botanical Gardens.

Where there was a big topiary exhibit a few years back.

Excellent catch Danny!