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"So that's more of your jump records?" asks Kendra, nodding at the journal.

"More of - " starts Four, confused, then she remembers who she's talking to. "Oh right, you're from the future - you've read the other ones I wrote?"

"Some of them," says Kendra. "They're very… organized."

"I'm guessing you haven't read this one, otherwise there would be head-splodey Amie problems."

"You wrote about finding her?"

"Yeah, and all of this, finding you, the 'naughts', the whole deal. I don't… really know why, it's sort of gotten to be a habit."

"It's not a bad habit," says Kendra. "Head splodey potential aside. Did you ever finish your map?"

"I placed all the markers," says Bina. "But I haven't, like, pulled the switch yet."


"Yeah, I - I just haven't."

"What about the backpack? Isn't it full of markers?"

"They're just the duds and extras. It's pretty much ready."

"Oh," says Kendra, then frowns thinking about it. "Why haven't you then? I mean - you have the time, right?"