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Dave Rapp:
B13: Observe B4 kneeling, using her knees in a way you are no longer able to. Become jealous. Realize that it's a dumb thing to be jealous of. Be annoyed at your own jealousy with yourself.

For just a moment, Bina watches what her temporal double is doing and feels a ghost of extreme jealousy that stops her from paying close attention to what everyone is actually saying, which is dumb because this is probably important.

Still… functional knees!

"You left it with me!" says Amie.

"I know," says Four, rummaging through the bag again.

"No - you did it twice," says Amie.

"Wait - I did?"

"Oh boy," says Emmie, and sighs.

"Yes," says Amie. "You did."

"Wait - wait OK. Yeah. I left it accidentally, then I came back and got it after two days of setting up sensors, then I set up more sensors and then gave it to you when I went to go meet Kendra."

"Yep," says Amie.

"But it's not in here now!"

"Yeah - that's 'cause I have it," says Amie, pulling the slim black volume from the inner pocket of her suit.

"I had to leave the bag, it was too heavy, but didn't think I should just leave this laying around, in case like - Gregor got it, or past-you stumbled on it and exploded or something."

"Oh," says Bina. "Yeah - that was probably a good idea."

"Right?" says Amie, realizing she can't really put this off any further. "Um, I also have this other thing."


Yes, this is not, perhaps, the incredibly twisty web that people have thought out for the journey of this journal, but it's the one I blocked out when I was writing it.

Here's the order we saw the events in:

1. Four leaves the notebook on the roof and goes off to finish planting her sensors.
2. Amie finds the notebook on the roof.
3. Four returns to the roof and Amie gives her the notebook, explaining that she has been looking for it for several days.
4. Four comes back looking for the notebook almost immediately afterwards then leaves before speaking with Amie.
5. Four gives both notebook and backpack to Amie before going off to meet Kendra.
6. Four meets Kendra and Bina and then goes back to get Amie.
7. Four goes to find Amie and finds the backpack but the notebook is missing.
8. Four asks Amie about the notebook and Amie explains that she was carrying it during her naught/hotel adventure.

The only bits that are out of sequence are 3 and 4, which are flipped in Fours personal time-line. She came back looking for it, checked the spot she'd left it, but Amie had already picked it up and returned it. She then spent several days looking for it in the Moment, then came back again earlier and got the notebook from Amie.

The mess up in jump times is explained by the fact that she records when she's jumping in the notebook and so didn't know exactly when to return too.

I finally caught up with the story! Took me a couple seconds to figure out why the right arrow key wasn't working on this page. Really excited to see what will be coming up next :)

Hi wheals!

Welcome to the PTP! I'm glad you caught up! Please stick around and make suggestions!