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aaaaaaaa i just caught up! i definitely didn't stay up waaay too late several nights in a row reading it. nooooope. definitely not. anyway, good work, jack!

Hi mle! Welcome to the PTP! Thank you so much! I am glad you've enjoyed yourself. Stick around and make suggestions. :)

Well, this is not exactly the right place to post, but it's the only Contact for Jack-Fractal I could find.
I've Binged my way through up to about post 550. Then finally saw an offhand comment that Jack's Laptop has a high Gamma-Setting. …
And then I had to binge through all of it again, this time seeing the artwork!
JACK: I suggest putting a warning somewhere, at least in the "About" link, that a higher Gamma value is crucial to enjoying the artwork.
That being said, –Kudos! Your story was so gripping and well written, so damn COMPELLING, that I stuck with it for over 300 updates of "Black Square with little Grey Trapazoid" ("Okay! I get it! It's dark down there. But couldn't he have drawn outlines, or SOMETHING? Well… maybe in the next Chapter… I guess I'll keep reading…")

Now I see how very much further I have to go. Well, I guess I'll write again in a few Weeks to say "+1 Reader! Just caught up now!"

Thanks matt! I do have sections of this story that are pretty dark, especially in the green factory bits, a warning would not be inappropriate.

Looking forwards to you catching up! : )