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The Green Lady:
Amie> Don't run too fast. You'll need to be able to run when you get there, or else you'll have some trouble with the Naughts, and you don't want to exhaust yourself now.

Amie runs, hard. The suit is hot and stifling. She wants to tear the damned helmet off but she knows the dust would choke her, and just make it worse.

Still, she'll take the dust over the mud that Kendra and Bina described. It sounds way worse. If she could just stop thinking about the fact that all these piles of dust are at least partially made of dead people.

She stops, breathing hard.

This is where the naughts fell. Their tracks are clear in the dust. She hears no screams, no shouts, no barking. Whatever is about to happen is either happening silently, or hasn't kicked off yet.

Four had said that she'd had a 'close call with Gregor' or something like that, but Amie hadn't really been paying attention and has no idea what that actually means. Did he almost catch her? Almost see her?

What the heck is she supposed to do when she catches up with the naughts? If she keeps running, she'll almost certainly be noticed, but if she tries for a more subtle approach, will she even get there in time?