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Rain Walker:
Uhhhhh, duplicate?

"Duplicate?" asks Amie.

"Time clone?" suggests Bina. "Double? Iteration? My version of Amie."

"Ah… how did-"

"I looked in on her before I brought you here. I needed to know if you were from here or if you were from somewhen else. You're from somewhen else. Another loop. Nothing else makes sense."

"Oh. You didn't -"

"Involve her in this? No."

"Should I have?"


Dabo Ross:
What?! I can't believe it's the end now.

Just got caught up from a week of reading the archives… need more pages.

Hi Dabo! Welcome to the PTP! There's a new page up every day around this time. :) You don't have to wait long… though they're pretty short.

My next project, I'm planning on doing episode sized updates every couple of weeks, rather then this one-a-day thing. One-a-day keeps me focused as an author, but it would drive me, as a reader, slightly bananas.