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"Hey - you should probably take the backup umbrella from the dufflebag."

"It's tiny though."

"Yeah but - that book is paper."

"All right - you know, the unlight necessary to manifest the Moment's interface is going to call the naughts back here, right?"

"We just established that they can already smell me wherever, so they're probably already on their way back."

"Oh right, yes. That's - that's a lot better a thing to think about."

"So we should probably do this fast-ish, don't you think?"

"Fast, yeah - I mean, it's not like if I make a mistake or you miss a semi-colon we all explode or anything…"

"Oh come now Kendra," says Bina. "This is time travel, it would be far worse than just exploding."

"Right! So no pressure then. Really wishing I was better at math here…"

"Come on Kendra! We can do this! Lets be nerds!"