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Liam White:
Eat the pizza.

Before you go remember to pick up your cuddly toy friend!

Kendra > Eat pizza. Find soft dry surface to flop onto and roll around. While eating more pizza. When sufficiently sole soothed, formulate plan to strangle Amie and everyone who has ever written Dr. Who.

Kendra> Flop face first into the pizza. You are that hungry right now.

> (pizza, pizza, pizza, also these symbols don't show up in the website dammit!)

Kendra: have some pizza, you earned it. And don't forget what Gregor said about the watch.

>Kendra: Nomnomnom

>Kendra: Finally eat the dang pizza.

On the plus side… she did get a pizza out of all of this.

Sarah Hubbard:
Time to see what Bina and Friends are up to!

Some time in the future.

"Is it supposed to be doing that?"

"Well - the flywheel stopped spinning but I think it's almost out of power."