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Aaaaaand here's where Piotyr leaps out of the bushes and murders her!

Except that doesn't happen, as she watches the pizza delivery girl make it safely to the parking lot.

Phew! Holy crap time travel is stressful! She wants one of these things to go smoothly for once! Just one damned time! Is that too much to ask!?

Euuurghh… she wants to flop onto the ground and roll around but the pizza would get wrecked.


Sigh…I knew this day would come: Primary Temporal Position is in confluence. At least I managed to stretch the binge two weeks by staying halfway on top of life stuff (with a little help from a Comcast outage). Funny coincidence: On the (IRL publish date) day the pizzas were delivered to the mountain, I read about the pizzas being delivered to the hospital.

Hi Susan!

That's a cool coincidence!

I'm glad you made it all the way here, and I hope you enjoyed the way. Please stick around, your ideas are interesting… :)