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"Err… money? Just - the pizza is probably getting cold and and I have to call Guillaume -"

Give her 50 bucks. She is clearly asking for a bribe.

Kendra hands her fifty more dollars. Despite where she got the money - it still stings a bit. Fifty dollars is fifty dollars after all.

The Pizza Girl makes the money disappear in the kind of practiced movement only exceptional pickpockets and wait staff can ever hope to match.

"You sure you're OK? You look a little spooked."

"Yeah! I'm fine," says Kendra, a little too loud. "I just want everything to come together properly you know? Been working on this one for a while. Many moving pieces. It would really suck to miss one and have everything explode!"

"Well - I hope your friend appreciates it."

"I'm definitely going to make sure she does!"

"And I hope you enjoy your pizza."

"I will!"

Please leave!