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"Date not going so well huh?" asks the Pizza Girl?

"What?" says Kendra, distracted. "Oh - yeah, not so well I guess. I thought I was maybe getting through to him there though…"

"Still! There's always pizza!" says the girl, with the forced cheerfulness of someone who still hasn't been paid.

"Right, how much was that again?"

Kendra: Pay for the dang pizza already.

They do the paying for money dance. Kendra gives her another $100 because she had to witness all the shouting.

"So you don't want this second pizza now?"

"No, I need you to take it to Western General. In the emergency waiting room, there'll be a girl wearing a purple shirt, shorts, and a labcoat. I need you to give her the pizza and this note. She'll probably ask where the pizza came from - don't answer her, just leave."

"All right…" says the Pizza Girl. "Whatever you say. You know, there's this thing these days called cellphones. They're more efficient form of communication then pi - Hey, are you OK?"

Anonymous Person:
I could have sworn the pizza delivery person was a guy. Paradox?

Kendra shivers as the wind picks up.