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"All right," says Kendra. "Let's get this show on the road."

"You got what you need?" asks Bina.

"Yeah, look. I know you were hoping we'd be able to lean on this but -"

"It's OK," says Bina. "I get it. We can't keep all these time loops running. Too dangerous."

"Remember, you still have the hospital basement to deal with," says Kendra.

"I know," says Bina.

Emmie, repeat your question when Kendra is done with the phone> "We're clearly doing damage every time we use time travel, right? So why do we have to use more time travel?"

"Why… exactly do we have to do more time travel?" asks Emmie. "I think that all this blowtorching reality has to be serving the Botfly more then it serves us. Right?"


Hurray! After a week of off and on binge reading I finally caught up I sort of thought I was so far behind that ANL would be done by the time I got here. I only noticed today that the Current button link had changed from 1506 to 1507.

Loving the story and completely addicted.

Hi Boomer! Thank you for reading and welcome to the PTP!

We're not done yet but we're gettin' there! :)