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"You know…" says Kendra. "The BBC really does has a lot to answer for."

"But the Doctor never acted like this," says Amie. "Not exactly… I think this is mostly Bina. She's always kinda had just two modes, either she's running away from you, or she's running at you."

"I can see that, but still."

"We should follow her right?"

"Yeah," says Kendra, not moving. "Go after her and make sure she doesn't hurt anyone important. I think I have an idea of what she's here for."

"All right…" says Amie with little confidence. "Could you, maybe, back me up a little?"

"I have reading to do," says Kendra, licking a finger with deliberation and turning a page.


"I'm watching out for the zombies!" says Emmie. "Did everyone forget the zombies? This is where the zombies hang out, right?"

"Ooohkay, just me then," says Amie. "Great!"


Welp, now I"m caught up, and that was a trip.

I like Property damage, doing crimes is alright

Hi Swirly! Glad you made it. :)