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"I don't even know what we're starting," says Amie.

"Is it charades?" asks Emmie.

"It's not charades."

"Because I am bad at charades."

"It's not charades!" says Bina. "I should clarify though."

"Alright! Everyone on the same page? Now how are we gonna do this!?"


Welcome to planning time everyone!

Our intrepid time travellers have a limited amount of time and a limited amount of resources to reach their goal. They are also missing a considerable amount of information, knowledge, and technology they will need to successfully enact Bina's daring idea.

If you have a particular type of planning or something you think they should keep track of, suggest it now, because once they start doing things they won't be coming back to the planning phase (unless one of the things they should do is, after they've done some things, to come back to the planning phase).

When you suggest tasks, make sure to also suggest who should do them, as not all of our time travellers have the same skills.

In other news, lots of people caught up today!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand I'm all caught up! Took about a week of off and on reading between exams and studying for exams to get here, but I can finally say +1 reader! I was super intrigued by the idea of an interactive webcomic from one of your project wonderful ads and I was not at all disappointed. You are amazing Zach, thank you for doing this!

Hey thank you and thank you for reading! You're the first person who has mentioned the interactivity part as being something that specifically caught your eye. Very cool!

I hope your exams went well, and that you stick around and make suggestions!

What the hell! What the hell!? I've been carefully going through this archive, and happily saving and making bookmarks as I get to a points where I have to work or sleep or do real things, and all of the sudden, i've caught up to the end of the current storyline? Just like that, with no warning ("ALERT: You are 100 pages from the current page.")

I feel like i just stumbled up to the Event Horizon and got a few of my own leaves snipped off. I no longer have the luxury of being able to binge read as needed! My infinite supply of time has been cut off abruptly!

On the other hand, still an awesome story. So pleased to have found it. Now I just have to recondition myself to be able to handle this in mere daily doses…

Thank you for reading! I am glad you enjoyed yourself!

I am kinda tempted to put in progress bar for the archives, so people can see where they are relative to the story as a whole. That sounds like a cool idea. What does everyone think? I might be able to work in the retcons maybe. Hmmm…

Presses right arrow

"Huh. Its not going forward."

Scrolls down


Friend: "Sorry, you're only allowed a maximum of 3 loud nos"

All nooos aside though, ive finally caught up! +1 Reader

Hi Hurley! Glad you caught up! Please stick around! It's friendly up here in the Present.

Woot! I finished my binge! I wish I had found this comic when it started!

Hi PanzerKommander! Glad you caught up!