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"I bet Twelve's notes will have something about how to get the Moment to move between loops. Or, I guess, we could tear the Viewers apart."

"You're not going to get me to plan with you," says Kendra. "It's not happening. I'm too tired. If you'd have had this revelation at a reasonable hour maybe, but noooo you had to do this in the middle of the night, so - you have to wait."

"I don't choose when I'm brilliant," says Bina. "It just comes to me spontaneous-like, out of the blue, or when Amie's whisper significant thoughts to me through my door when I'm going to sleep."

Bina adopts this new line of deflection, "Really, this is Amie's fault, if you think about it."

Kendra sighs, and then a few moments later says, "Poor Emmie."

"Hmm?" says Bina, and then looks down. "Oh crap!"

"I got dirt and sand in my bandages again! I am the worst patient ever."

"Err… yeah! Stop doing that. We do not have infinite medical supplies."

"All right, all right…" says Bina, missing the subtext. "Yeesh! It is late!"

Kendra looks down and sighs again, "You're using the programmable, interdimensional time machine, to check the time?"

"It is a watch, and besides it's the only accurate clock in here," says Bina. "It is 1:56 am, and we've been in here for 53 and a half hours."

"Great," says Kendra. "Now if we could just figure out why we're losing ground so fast…"


I was bored this afternoon and decided to draw everyone's favorite ladies.

Aaah! They are all super cute but especially Bina making Elizabeth sadface. Thank you so much!