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Post 776. She is talking about Josephine's experiment and the erasure of Astre Sucre.
>Amie: What does that have to do with visiting other loops?

"But what does that have to do wi-"

Bina can't breathe. She has to get out.


"Wait!" yells Amie, but Bina is already out the door.

"Um," says Emmie. "Was that Bina?"

"What are you - are you two -"

"What's happening?" says Kendra.

"- on the couch, really?!"

"Well there isn't exactly a lot of privacy available right n -"

"Emmie? Shut up. Amie, focus. What is happening?"

"I don't know! I told Bina that we might be able to get into other loops and she just started freaking out."