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maybe gregor is bringing the dog back to life so it can hunt for you

That is a horrible thought and it better not be true.

>On the bright side, you're lighter on your feet than Gregor is. He'll probably get a bit more bogged down by mud.

> Realise that it will be hella harder to notice you. You just got saved yo

>Plus it'll mask the sound of your footsteps! See, this is a good turn of events.

Rain will hide you and muffle your sound. Sneak faster!

> hey the rain will make it more difficult for Gregor to see you. Just stick to the shadows and don't be in the open when the lightning strikes.

> Just think on the bright side, you're finally washing your arm wound!

All right, all right. It's not the WORST THING EVER. It's just that, well, she's STILL got no clean clothes to put on. She never put her danged laundry in the danged dryer. She knows its a ridiculous thing to be worrying about, considering the situation but argh….

Better get moving.

The earth in the construction site appears to be full of clay and some kind of black grit. It is rapidly turning into a thick, sucking mud.

She clips the gasmask onto her belt and sneaks the rest of the way through the piles of supplies. No yelling from Gregor so she seems to have made it unseen.

The blinds are down. Bina's not sure if that's a good or a bad sign.