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Rain Walker:
Let's get this show on the road already!

"All right," says Bina. "You ready?"

"Yep," says Amie, clicking her pen. "Lets do this."

"OK," says Bina. "So… this one is one of Nine's journals. Lets just - I guess - start at the beginning. OK, so 6:45am, she exits the Moment, this is on her 22nd day. She exits into the construction site office to use the phone - she doesn't say why - but she doesn't end up making the call because that's where she has her first encounter with a Naught…"

"All right!" says Amie. "Got it."

"OK, so next she escapes through the main gate to the construction site, I think she stole a key earlier, and…"

And so it goes for some time.


Hmm… OK, I need to show some passage of time, so if peeps wants to suggest interesting visuals for a 'constructing our String Theory wall' montage, that would be cool!