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"Aaaah crap, looks like they had some people guarding this entrance. 'Had' being the operative word here - Wait! Amie don't -"

The sound of someone trying to throw up on an empty stomach echoes down the tunnel.

"You know, it's probably OK, at this point. Bina! What are you doing?"

>Relevant to the story or not, LOOT THE CHEST!

"Hmm? Oh, I'm um - I thought maybe there would be some useful stuff… in this box."

"Is there?"

"Do we need an industrial fire extinguisher?"


"What about a bunch of fire retardant blankets?"

"Are they big enough to block the tunnel?"

"Not even close!"

"Great! Wait - is there any tape? This stuff is all full of gravel. I dunno if it'll stick properly again."

"I don't see any… there's a bucket? Does that help?"

"No! Get over here!"

"I have something in my foot!"

"Then get it out of your foot and then get over here!"