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"OK but - " says Amie, doing that thing where you start a sentence as though you're responding something the other person has said, but the other person has not actually said anything. "If paradox always hits the person whose past is changed, couldn't you like - weaponize that? Couldn't we use it to mess up Her Evil Doggyness or - even better - the Green Thing?"

"Both of us would have to be on a jump," says Kendra.

"Which we are!"

"Yeah, but if your future's are tied together, anything you do to them, you do to yourself. If we blow up the unDog, we have no reason to come back here. If we have no reason to come back here we get to figure out what the inside of our skulls tastes like."

"So it would only work if their past hadn't affected you?"

"Or if you had a fantastically powerful time machine and reeeeally strong paradox sink", says Bina.

"Right," says Kendra. "Seven tried that."

"No, that was Eight. Seven was the one who tried to blow up the Botfly with a bomb. Eight was the one who tried to use paradox to destroy the naughts."

"Did it work!?" asks Amie.

"Well, I'm here," says Bina. "So… clearly no."