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Wild Snivy:
Everyone: descend.
Chapter: end.

Rain Walker:
Through the power of Amie, don't miss the hole

It's Bina who comes up with a solution to that one.


"There will be days," said Werner Zimmerman, lifedrawing teacher. "When everything is easy and you draw like a god. For days like that, I have nothing to teach you. Who could? On days like that, you can do anything."

It was my second month of college. I was nineteen, the smell of conte and newsprint in the lifedrawing studio was still new and strange. I didn't know anyone, I didn't know much of anything, and Werner Zimmerman kind of scared me.

"There will be other days when it will be the opposite, and nothing you do will go right. On days like that, you will want to hide, to do nothing, and, depending on how bad it is, to never draw again. But the world does not wait until we are ready, and we still have deadlines. For days like that, you have this class."

We do not thank our teachers enough.

Thank you Werner Zimmerman, for tonight.