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> Ask Gregor what that was.

Bina asks what the heck that big noise just was.

Gregor smiles.

There's something… wrong with him. Aside from the obvious. There is something missing in his eyes.

He explains that this noises must be police waking up.

Gregor is happy that they are awake now. He is not sure if he hit her too hard in head with shovel. Sometimes it is hard to know how much to hit yes? Maybe she brain damage.

This would be bad, because then she could not be friend with the Green Lady. Such a waste. Not the case though, this time, very good.

Do not worry though, he is tying her to desk, so Bina is not to be worrying about police woman escaping.

Explain you're not going anywhere until you get this load in the dryer.

Oh, well, err… That's great Gregore. Bina's just going to put her laundry in the dryer here, this one, right here, now.

Maybe you could check on the police person, woman, that you hit with that shovel. Ah… just make sure she's ok. Don't want her, you know, dying…. or things. That… would be bad.

Gregor agrees that this is good plan, and heads into the office.

There is the sound of a woman yelling, frantic, in french, and then a short scream.