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>Go to nurses station

>Let's go to the nurse's room. At the very least, you'll be able to stock up on some bandages and first aid.

Yeah, that makes sense. Maybe they'll have another phone too. Amie normally picks up.

Listen at the door of the next room.

It's quiet, Bina decides not to go inside.

>Check behind you before moving forward. Last thing you need is an ambush.

Hah! She's just jumping at shadows.

Now that she's actually out and doing something, she feels the slithery panic that's been worming it's way under her skin retreat a little.

It's dark and spooky, yeah, but her recent history seems to consist mostly of creeping through dark and spooky places broken up by brief periods of unconsciousness. It's almost comforting.

The lack of people is getting to her though. Even assuming this area is abandoned, someone bandaged her legs and gave her the IV line. Where is every -

Bina stops moving.

She can hear voices ahead.