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Is your arm supposed to be runny?

No… but I don't know how to make it stop.

Everything feels like it's moving away from me. Spinning down, or up, or out, into the glowing green emptiness.

My knees hurt, but not from standing. Somewhere in the distance, something screams.

Is it me? How much of this is really happening?

"You could have just eaten what I gave you."

>Bina: Methinks the Botfly is talking to you now. Methinks perchance this is a super, super bad thing like ick. No.

You're not Lash.

None of this is real.

"Not yet."

I feel sick.


As a GIMP user of about a decade, I have no use for Photoshop. Regardless, here's (some of) the (large) cast of Breakin doing laundry.

If I win, I would like the prize to be passed on to… let's say list all the entrants alphabetically by forum username and then give it to whoever is furthest away from me.

I can handle that. Interesting entry. I was confused for a few seconds, 'cause I thought those were actually stacks of torso's off in the corner, but no… they are clothes.


You are entered (and your prize option is recorded).

I'll try and get my entry finished tomorrow night. If I don't make it I'll post the incomplete picture, and probably still try to get it finished by some point.

You can do it! I believe in you!

Tomorrow is the day…