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"Amie!? How - "

"Holy crap! This is amazing!!"

"I thought she was safe outside the-"

"She wasn't outside! She jumped between the pylons at the last second!"

"It's time travel! I grew up in England! What did you expect me to do!?"

"For fucks sake, are you insane!?"

"Amie, this was… this was not a good idea."

It's at this point that Elizabeth appears to get over her annoyance at Amie's presence and take in her current situation.

"Oh sweet holy christ on a motorcycle! What the hell!? Was that a rock? Are we falling? What's happening? Where are we? Where is the time machine!? What went wrong!?"

"And what the heck is that?"


Hey everyone! This is day 990, so that means there are only ten days left to get your entries in for the 1000 day fan-art software raffle!

Current Entrants:


A reminder to anyone who missed it. The rules are thus:

Anyone who posts artwork in this thread that meets the criteria of either being general All Night Laundry fanart OR art of their own characters doing laundry gets entered in the raffle. The winner of the raffle gets a copy of one piece of software from the Adobe Creative Cloud for a year, OR a copy of Clip Studio Paint. They are the best, and are what I use to draw All Night Laundry.